What is Kia Driving Guide?

The tips for driving your Kia presented by Kia.
For Your Hassle-Free Driving

What is Kia Driving Guide?

Introduction to Kia Driving Guide

Kia aims to ensure more comfortable, safer driving experience for our customers.
Kia Driving Guide is full of practical and useful tips for your driving.
You can find various tips for check lists before driving, cautions for driving, how to respond to different situations, functions, specifications, and how to operate them, etc.

The slogan for Kia Driving Guide

Our slogan, ‘For Your Hassle-Free Driving’ shows our commitment to reduce inconvenience for our customers when they drive.

For Your Hassle-Free Driving 

The Characters featured in Kia Driving Guide

Once upon a time, we were all inexperienced drivers who got nervous whenever we were behind the wheels. Some of us still are. Meet Paul and Jessie who still find driving difficult.

  • Paul(30year)


    A radio script writer with a sensitive and timid personally. A single man who loves to work and eat alone Now, he has to drive very early in the morning because of his new radio program aired in early hours. His timid personally makes him nervous whenever he drives.

  • Jessi(25year)


    A carefree and active fashion magazine editor
    Due to the nature of her work, she ends up meeting a lot of people, which necessitated her driving on her own. Due to her carefree personally, she finds herself in dangerous situations many times while she drives.