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Design Center

Kia designs the future.

Kia's main design center in Korea (Namyang) undertakes all aspects of car design ranging from design planning and design conceptualization to styling, modeling and color and material development.

Augmented by satellite design centers in the USA, Europe and Japan, we analyze global trends and explore the distinct lifestyles in different local markets around the world.

Namyang Design Center

Namyang Design Center is the birthplace of Kia cars of the future Unique exteriors and stylish interiors are created using computer-based digital modeling while new colors are developed based on research into the latest global trends.


Namyang Design Center


남양디자인센터 디자이너들

Europe Design Center

Located in Frankfurt, Germany, Kia's Europe Design Center is helping to change perceptions of the Kia brand across the continent as well as worldwide. Its dedicated team of designers create concept cars of the future as well as production models for both Europe and the global market.


유럽디자인센터 전경


유럽디자인센터 디자이너들

U.S. Design Center

Located in Irvine, California, Kia's U.S. Design Center is helping to shape the future of driving through its stunning concept cars and styling activities for many Kia models marketed around the world.


미국디자인센터 전경


디자인센터 내부