USA Georgia Plant

A new momentum for our expansion in the USA

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Georgia, The historic Peach state still making remarkable economic and social progress.
Home of Optima sedan – The global bestseller.

Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia West Point, Georgia

Manufacturing outer and inner panels of a vehicle body.
Forming the body structure by welding floor, side and roof panels.
Apply pre-treatment and color to protect and enhance exterior appearance.
Assemble various parts to complete vehicle production.
Final inspection line to ensure top quality before being shipped to customer.
Vehicles shipped to Kia’s dealerships.
55% of the vehicles are shipped outbound via rail.
Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond, Kia Motors

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Our Strategic Base Camp to Attack the USA Market

Leveraging its USA plant, Kia Motors has achieved thorough localization in every part of its operation from R&D and production to marketing, sales and service, pursuing its vision of becoming a truly global automaker.


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Emerging from a Less Developed Area to Become an Automobile Superpower

We will ensure that our USA plant can provide a good example of how an auto plant should be run and will be one of the most significant plants in the southern part of the country. Our USA plant has made a positive impact on the growth of the USA auto industry.


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Contributing to the Development of the Regional Economy and the Creation of Added Value

We work with our Korean partners to create jobs, contributing to the development of the regional economy and the creation of added value in the community through our plant .


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Opened in

2 0 0 6


2 , 6 1 2 , 0 0 0

376 times the size of a soccer field


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6 percent of Kia's entire employees

Annual production capacity

3 6 0 , 0 0 0 units

12 percent of Kia's total capacity

Models produced two

  • Optima


  • Sorento


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Facilities within the USA Georgia Plant

Learn about facilities within our fully automated USA plant that features a large scale automated loading system with robots and applies new state-of-the-art technologies and techniques. It provides a strong example of how an overseas plant should be operated.

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KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia
7777 Kia Pkwy
West Point, GA 31833

Exit 6 of I-85 Highway > KIA Boulevard > Turn left onto KIA Parkway > Straight > Georgia Plant

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