Slovakia Zilina Plant

The base camp for our expansion into Europe

슬로바키아 질리나공장 소개 영상 재생

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One of the fastest growing country in the European Union.
Home of Kia cee’d – A new challenger for Europe.

Kia Motors Slovakia Zilina, Slovakia

Producing the heart of vehicle, Engine shop.
Manufacturing outer and inner panels of a vehicle body.
Forming the body structure by welding floor, side and roof panels.
Apply pre-treatment and color to protect and enhance exterior appearance.
Assemble various parts to complete vehicle production.
Final inspection line to ensure top quality before being shipped to customer.
To ensure the vehicle can withstand all types of terrain.
Home of qualified and educated employees, Training center.
Rail system that allows vehicles to be shipped across the European Union.
Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond, Kia Motors

슬로바키아 질라나공장 물류이동

The Platform for Kia's Expansion in Europe

Our Europe plant plays a pivotal role in our drive to enlarge our presence in Europe, the home of the automobile.


유럽자동차 시장을 공략하기 위한 교두보

A Production Base That Covers Every Aspect of Manufacturing Cars for Europe

Our Europe Plant is not a simple assembly shop, but a complete unit that can perform every part of car manufacturing, including press, body, painting, engine and even driving test.


슬로바키아 로컬 기아 앰블럼

One of Slovakia's Major Corporations

Powered by the plant, we have been able to achieve a complete local operation system and marketing to production and sales. The plant is now one of Slovakia's major corporations and a state-of-the-art facility that can give inspiration to fellow businesses.


슬로바키아 도로를 주행하는 차량

Fact sheet

Opened in

2 0 0 4


1 , 6 5 3 , 0 0 0

238 times the size of a soccer field


3 , 8 0 0

8 percent of Kia's entire employees

Annual production capacity

3 5 0 , 0 0 0 units

10 percent of Kia's total capacity

Models produced three

  • cee'd


  • Sportage


  • Venga


슬로바키아 질리나 공장 현황

Facilities within our Slovakia Zilina Plant

Learn more about the facilities within our Europe plant in Slovakia that plays a pivotal role in our expansion in Europe with the capability to cover every part of car production, including press, body, painting and assembly.

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Kia motors slovakia
s.r.o P.P box 2 031 01

Road 583 > Straight in the direction of Teplička nad Váhom > Enter Sv. Jána Nepomuckého / Road 583C > Turn right > Zilina Plant

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