Hwaseong Plant

The starting point for export

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Hwasung, Logistics hub and center of West Coast era.

Kia vehicles are loaded and shipped to overseas from Pyongtaek port.

Hwasung Plant Hwasung, South Korea

Manufacturing engine blocks.
Manufacturing the heart of car, Engine shop.
The birthplace of world-famous Gamma engine.
Manufacturing outer and inner panels of a vehicle body.
Forming the body structure by welding floor, side and roof panels.
Apply pre-treatment and color to protect and enhance exterior appearance.
Assemble various parts to complete vehicle production.
Final inspection line to ensure top quality before being shipped to customer.
Test track to prove its excellence in quality.

Contribution to the local community and people.
Wastewater-treatment plant
Hybrid system for better future.
Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond, Kia Motors

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The Largest Industrial Complex in the Greater Seoul Area

Stretching over an area of over 3,300,000 square meter, 1.3 time the size of Yeouido, the Hwaseong Plant is the largest single industrial complex with a capacity of 563,000 units per year.


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Foundation for Our Global Competition and Strategic Location for Our Logistics

The Hwaseong Plant is capable of producing, distributing and exporting cars and is strategically located for direct export of the cars by sea.


Pyeongtaek Port

A Wide Variety of Cars Are Exported Directly to over 170 Countries

It exports Kia cars to over 170 countries through Pyeongtaek Port. Its efficient and secure QA system ensures flawless quality for the cars shipped from the plant.


Pyeongtaek Port

Fact sheet

Opened in

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Kia's largest plant in Korea


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476 times the size of a soccer field


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22 percent of Kia's entire employees

Annual production capacity

5 6 3 , 0 0 0 units

20 percent of Kia's total capacity

Models produced 6

  • K3


  • K5


  • K7


  • All New Sorento

    All New Sorento

  • The New Mohave

    The New Mohave

  • NIRO



Facilities within Hwaseong Plant

Discover more about the facilities within the Hwaseong Plant, which has 3 assembly plants, a transmission unit and a high-speed proving ground, as well as state-of-the art production equipment and an ergonomic factory design.

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Experience the Hwaseong Plant

Get an opportunity to take a closer look at how Kia cars are produced through a state-of-the-art production process.


Main Gate > PR Center (video and briefing) > Move by bus >Press > Body Shop 3 >End of tour


Kia Jadongcha-ro 95, Ujeong-up, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi
Phone: +82-31-359-5138

If you come by car from Seoul:

Gwacheon-Uiwang Expressway > Seohae-ro > Poseunghangnam-ro > Namyangman-ro > Kia Crossroads > Hwaseong Plant

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