China Yancheng Plant

The continent welcomes Kia's advanced auto technology in this plant

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Yancheng, Emerging as a center of automotive industry in China.

Dongfeng Yueda Kia Yancheng, China
1st Plant, Optimized for various vehicle production.
2nd Plant, Standardized factory.
3rd Plant, Applied advanced one-kit system.
Manufacturing outer and inner panels of a vehicle body.
Forming the body structure by welding floor, side and roof panels.
Apply pre-treatment and color to protect and enhance exterior appearance.
Assemble various parts to complete vehicle production.
Final inspection line to ensure top quality before being shipped to customer.
Vehicles shipped to Kia’s dealerships.

Kids Auto Park, For the better and safer future.
Gaining the trust from community through a variety of social contribution.
Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond, Kia Motors

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From a Salt Shipping City to an Emerging Industrial City

The opening of Dongfeng Yueda Kia Motors, a joint venture, in 2002 triggered the rapid industrial development of Yancheng. The opening of the venture's second shop in 2006 helped the city grow at an unprecedented rate.


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The Platform for Our Expansion in China

The Yancheng Plant serves as the platform for our expansion in China by offering high-quality products of the design that fully reflects the preferences of Chinese customers.


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Extending our Dealer Network to fully Take Advantage of China's Growing Auto Market

The Yancheng Plant provides us with a solid foundation to extend our dealer network to fully take advantage of China's growing auto market.


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Fact sheet

Opened in

2 0 0 2

For Plant 1 only


3 , 3 0 6 , 0 0 0

476 times the size of a soccer field


6 , 2 0 0

13 percent of Kia's entire employees

Annual production capacity

8 9 0 , 0 0 0 units

13 percent of Kia's total capacity

Models produced nine

  • K2


  • K3


  • K4


  • K5


  • Forte


  • Cerato


  • Soul


  • Sportage


  • Sportage R

    Sportage R

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Facilities within the China Plant

Learn more about our Yancheng Plant with three assembly shops that produce a wide range of models based on advanced production and QA practices and a high level of automation.

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No.1, Xiwang Avenue South Road, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China

Northeast towards Jichang Road > Enter Yingbin Avenue > National Road 204 / Provincial Road 331 / Kaifang Avenue / G204 / S331 > Turn left to enter Wengang Road > Turn right to join Qiingnian East Road > Turn left to join Kaifang Avenue > Yancheng Plant

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