Our grand journey to be a truly global automaker starts here

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A Giant Leap for Kia in the Home of the Auto Industry

The USA market, the gateway for Kia's growth as a leading global corporation

The U.S. market, the world's most competitive auto market, is a gateway through which Kia must pass to become a truly global corporation. Kia uses its production plant it opened in the country in 2009 as a platform to expand its local presence.


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America Technical Center

Kia's Heart of R&D in North America

Located in Detroit, U.S., Kia America Technical Center performs a variety of tests to ensure that cars are launched that best fit the U.S. market in every aspect, including design and fuel efficiency.


미국 기술연구소 테스트과정

Kia USA Design Center

The platform for our independent penetration into the USA market

The original designs created by the entity provide us with the momentum to expand our presence in the U.S. market.


미국 디자인센터 내부

Proving Ground in the Mojave Desert

The foundation for our development of localized models

It works with our plant and technical center in the USA to provide a solid foundation for our top-level global R&D capability.


미국 모하비사막 주행테스트

USA Georgia Plant

The Engine for Greater Presence in the North American Market

Our USA production plant provides momentum for our expansion in the North American market. It is praised as a good example of Korea - USA industrial cooperation and a successful joint go-global initiative run between a client and suppliers.


USA Georgia Plant

Kia America

The control tower for the USA market

Kia Motors America Corporate Campus is responsible for our overall operation in the USA market, including sales, production and service. It works to consolidate Kia's global network.


Kia Motors America

Sales through our Business Network in the USA

Our sales in the USA : Achievements and growth

Number of cars sold in 2016
6 4 7 , 5 9 8 units

Our cars produced in the USA

  • OptimaOptima
  • SorentoRSorento R

Cars exported from Korea to USA

  • RioRio
  • ForteForte
  • OptimaOptima
  • K900K900
  • CadenzaCadenza
  • SoulSoul
  • SedonaSedona
  • SportageSportage
  • SorentoSorento

Our business network in the USA

  • Kia Motors America

    Kia Motors America

    KIA Motors America Inc,111 Peters Canyon Road Irvine, CA 92606

  • USA Georgia Plant

    USA Georgia Plant

    KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia, 7777 Kia Pkwy West Point, GA 31833

  • Kia America Technical Center

    Kia America Technical Center

    KIA Motors America Inc, 777 Kia Pkwy, West Point, GA 31833

  • Kia USA Design Center

    Kia USA Design Center

    KIA Motors America Inc, 6800 Geddes Road Superior Township, MI 48198

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