Our passion to compete in the market with a long history of automobiles

유럽 판매법인 건물

The European market, the Engine for the Global Auto Industry

The proving ground for premium cars with long standing auto history

The European market, the home to premium cars, is an important ground for them to test their quality. Kia has built robust study, design, production, sales and service network to better meet the diversifying needs of consumers and ultimately expand its presence in Europe.


슬로바키아 로컬

Europe Engineering Center

The Power to Develop Strategic Cars for the European Market

Located in Frankfurt, the heart of Europe, and consisting of multiple state-of-the art buildings, Kia Europe Engineering Center works on the development of engines for diesel vehicles that take up over 30 percent of the European auto market. It also performs product planning, vehicle assessment and technical support for its production plant in the region.


유럽 기술연구소 전경

Kia Europe Design Center

The Key to Kia's Expansion in Europe

Located within the building of Kia Europe, Kia Europe Design Center combines fun and vibrant factors to differentiate Kia cars' design from those of its competitors, adding to the company's competitiveness in the region.


클레이과정 진행하는 디자이너들

Slovakia Zilina Plant

The Base Camp for Our Expansion into Europe

The plant plays a significant role as its advance base for our expansion into Europe, one of the world's largest auto markets.


슬로바키아 질리나공장 물류이동

Kia Europe

The Pillar of Kia's Operations in Europe

Kia Europe serves the entire region through its two cornerstones: the Slovakia plant, the company's first wholly owned entity outside Korea, and its research institute equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies that provide a lasting foundation for its production, sales, marketing and service in the region.


유럽 판매법인 사람들

Sales through our Business Network in Europe

Our sales in Europe: Achievements and growth

Number of cars sold in 2016
4 3 6 , 0 0 0 units

Our cars produced in Europe

  • cee'dcee'd
  • Venga
  • SportageSportage

Cars exported from Korea to Europe

  • PicantoPicanto
  • RioRio
  • OptimaOptima
  • SoulSoul
  • SportageSportage
  • CarenseCarense
  • SorentoSorento

Our business network in Europe

  • Kia Motors Europe

    Kia Motors Europe

    Kia Motors Deutschland GmbH, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 11
    60486 Frankfurt/M - Germany

  • Slovakia Zilina Plant

    Slovakia Zilina Plant

    Kia motors slovakia, s.r.o P.P box 2 031 01

  • Kia Europe Engineering Center

    Kia Europe Engineering Center

    Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH, Hyundai-Platz 65428 Rüsselsheim - Germany

  • Kia Europe Design Center

    Kia Europe Design Center

    Kia Motors Deutschland GmbH, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 11
    60486 Frankfurt/M - Germany

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