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For a society with respect for diversity


CSR Values and Directions

Kia promotes universal rights to mobility as an automotive company and takes up the challenge upholding the brand’s iconic identity.

A Better Way To go

Since 2004, Kia have expanded social outreach activities under the slogan, “A Better Way to Go.” We contribute to moving the world forward through sincere sharing.
Our CSR programs include signature CSR projects, mobility campaigns, and local community support programs/employee volunteer programs.


As a global company, Kia works for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). CSR activities driven by our strategic business capabilities are hastening the arrival of a better future that the SDGs promise.

  • Green Light Project

    Green Light Project

    Kia's flagship CSR project supports the self-reliance of local communities as well as self-development.

  • Green Trip

    Green Trip

    We donate vehicles to people with limited mobility, realizing the value of co-existence.

  • Red Klover

    Red Klover

    Red Klover is a CSR program for college students. Red represents the passion of students while KLOVER is the combination of two words: K as Kia’s initial and Lover meaning the warm-hearted spirit of the participants.

  • Good Mobility Campaign

    Good Mobility Campaign

    The CSR project addresses youth job creation issues by combining Kia’s shared CSR values - promoting universal right to mobility and taking up challenges - with the car-sharing platforms.

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