ECO-Friendly Car Lifecycle Management

Our eco activities across the whole process of manufacturing cars

Eco-friendly car lifecycle management

ECO-Friendly car lifecycle management

We always ensure that all the phases of car production, from design and assembly to distribution and disposal, can contribute to making humanity happier and, at the same time, protecting the Earth.

01. Design

Design for Environment

Kia is developing ECO-Friendly cars that feature a high recycling rate. We are working to reduce the discharge of hazardous substances by operating the Green Design System and Chemical Management System.

친환경 차량 개발 시스템

(EfE : Desigm for Environment)

해체용이 설계 통합시스템
(DORISY : Design for Recycling Optimizing System)

유해물질 관리체계

협력사 화학물질 분석
데이터 입력
IMDS 물질데이터 수집
중금속 함유여부 확인
물질데이터 축적 
화학물질 검색, 통계
법규별 필터링
환경법규 대응
신속한 현황파악 
친환경 상품개발
IMDS (International Mateirla Data System, 국제재질정보시스템)
e-CMS (e-chemical Management System, 화학물질관리시스템)

02. Production

Clean Production Flow

With the goal of building an efficient production system and raising our production volume, Kia strives to reduce the amount of inputted materials during the manufacturing process, including energy and natural resources, while curbing the output of waste materials, greenhouse gases and environmental pollutants.

2017 Recycle

03. Distribution

Smart Logistics System

Kia has a dedicated team that is working to make continuous improvements in optimizing the logistics system across the entire supply chain, including parts procurement, production and sales. Through these efforts, we are saving social costs and energy while reducing CO₂ emissions.

물류 협업 시스템
실시간 납입지시
라인가동 현황 및 부품 사용실적 정보 제공
생산공정별 부품 사용실적 자동 전동
기아자동차 생산라인
적정재고 유지 (기존 대비 창고면적 축소)
부품 창고
실시간 부품 입고 및 차량 출입 관리
부품업체 통합물류센터.

04. Disposal

Resource Regeneration

Since 2005, Kia has operated the ‘Automobile Recycling Center’, with annual vehicle recycling capacity of 4,000 units. The center provides support for designing recyclable vehicles and develops recycling technologies to reduce waste by improving the end-of-life vehicle disposal process.

차종 및 제원 확인
폭발위험 부품 제거 (에어백, 시트 프리텐셔터)
후드, 배터리, 타이어 제거
액상류 동시 회수 (90%이상 재회수하여 환경오염 방지) 
액상류 회수 장치
외장류 해체
내장류 해체
해체된 부품은 소재에 따라 분류하여 85%이상 재활용
엔진 및 변속기 해체
폐차처리 시스템은 8개의 공정으로 구성되어 있으며, 전 공정이 연속 프름 식으로 구성되어 대용량 처리할 수 있습니다. * The car disposal system consists of 8 process segments that constitute a single work flow that enables large volume processing.

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