Kians full of passion and curiosity

Our Vision of Kians

People with youthful hearts, we call them ‘KIAN.’

People with youthful hearts, we call them ‘KIAN.’

Our Job

Over 33, 000 Kians fulfill their jobs by working closely with each other to transform the ideas of individuals into a finished car. Each department is a core part of the entire enterprise, as all departments should work organically, like gears of a transmission.

  • Merchandising


    Merchandising identifies changes in the market and plans an assortment of products that can best meet customer needs.

  • Marketing


    We set up a strong brand and marketing strategy to let customers around the world know more about our brand identity.

  • Quality


    The goal of Kia's quality-driven operations is to produce cars of world-class quality that can deliver the highest level of value and satisfaction.

  • Purchasing


    Purchasing strategically buys and supplies raw materials and parts of cars. The focus is to maximize profitability through optimized quality, cost and delivery.

  • Production Technology

    Production Technology

    Production Technology plans mid- to long-term operation of plants in and outside of Korea and manages projects such as new car development, factory building, new technology, investment and training.

  • Production


    In Korea, our cars are assembled at three plants-Sohari, Hwaseong and Gwangju. Production embraces activities for seamless production, including operation, support, production management, production operation, preservation technology and quality assurance.

  • Domestic Sales

    Domestic Sales

    Domestic Sales and Marketing plan how to respond to each market segment in terms of sales, marketing and strategy through analysis of the domestic market.

  • Overseas Sales

    Overseas Sales

    Overseas Sales and Marketing use a network of over 4,000 dealers around the world to seek new business opportunities, sponsor sports events, support top motor shows, launch new cars and execute cohesive advertising campaigns.

  • Operation Planning

    Operation Planning

    Operation Planning steers the future direction of the company. It assists management in setting mid- to long-term strategy and forming strong collaborative ties with the value chain to achieve the company's goals.

  • Operation Support

    Operation Support

    Operation Support is responsible for assisting Kia' global business.

  • Finance and Accounting

    Finance and Accounting

    Finance and Accounting contribute to raising the value of the company by showing in which direction it should grow and presenting areas for improvement.

  • Information Technology

    Information Technology

    Information Technology is responsible for building and operating systems for managing data used to determine the company's performance and support systems for efficient business processes.

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