Lineage of Kia Cars

An evolution of automotive excellence on wheels



Here comes the bigger, the closer SUV, Telluride.
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Eye-catching and Confident Compact Crossover




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  • NIRO


  • The new kia Niro

    reddot award 2017 honourable mention
    iF design awards 2017
    2017 J.D Power Initial Quality Study(Small SUV)

  • Kia Quoris

    Kia's luxury sedan showcases the latest in technical advances and relentless innovation

  • The future of prestige, the Kia Quoris
    2012 ~

    A large premium rear wheel drive sedan with aggressive exterior and harmony between luxury and dynamic, high tech and humanism - it is at once both robust and delicate

Kia Quoris

  • Sorento

    A stylish, high-tech premium SUV inspired by passenger cars

  • A passenger car-inspired premium SUV, the Sorento
    2002 ~

    A passenger car-inspired SUV with upgraded 'driving emotion' with best-in-breed performance and luxurious details

  • A high-performance premium SUV, the Sorento

    A premium SUV with powerful engine performance and great efficiency driven by the new active eco-driving system

  • A modern dynamic SUV, the all new Sorento

    A premium SUV with fully upgraded driving features, including better engine performance, fuel efficiency and convenience


  • Cadenza

    A smart and luxurious semi-large sedan that reveals
    the dynamism of Kia

  • Your confidence and style, the Cadenza
    2009 ~

    Class that shows itself in gentle but robust design

  • The birth of an all-new style of charisma.
    Soft Charisma All New Cadenza

    A new model with exclusivity and bold charisma
    to dominate the sub-full sized vehicles class.

  • Sportage

    A passenger car-type SUV capable of meeting the needs of the workday commute and weekend outing thanks to its unique style and performance

  • Sportage, the world's first passenger car styled SUV
    1993 ~

    The first passenger car styled SUV that became more popular in the international market than in Korea after it completed the notorious Paris-Dakar Rally in 1993

  • Can't beat the real stuff, the new Sportage

    An urban SUV featuring powerful driving and exceptional performance, powered by a modern and stylish engine

  • The new Sportage, an advanced real CUV

    An award-winning compact SUV representing Korea with exceptional performance and fuel economy

  • Born to dare, Sportage

    Sportage will surprise the world one more time with its aggressive look and improved quality.
    Born to dare, Sportage never stop to innovate and the surprises will come very soon.
    Stay tuned!

  • Soul

    A Kia with emotional design that defies conventions

  • A totally new CUV with both style and functionality
    2008 ~

    The lifestyle icon for young drivers, presenting a new standard for car design with its unique box-shaped design

  • An evolution of the DNA of the SOUL

    Ranked first in compact MPV category at the JD Power customer satisfaction survey for 2 years in a row, with its design inherited from the SOUL's and performance that comes close to perfection

  • More Stylish than ever

    reddot award 2014 winner car design
    iF product design award 2014
    International Design Excellence Awards'14
    2014 abc Design Award Winner(Exterior)
    2015,2016,2017 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study(Compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle)

  • The new kia Soul EV

    reddot award 2015 winner

  • Grand Carnival/Sedona

    Korea's first family minivan designed for both convenience and luxury

  • Carnival/Sedona, Korea's first minivan
    1998 ~

    The Carnival/Sedona has made people's leisure more relaxing and enjoyable
    The ancestor of all local minivans

  • The new Carnival/Sedona never overlooks the safety of those on board

    The Carnival/Sedona regards nothing as minor when it comes to safety

  • For the safety of your family, the all new Carnival/Sedona

    Optimized for family outings, the all new Carnival/Sedona leads the era of multi-purpose vehicles

  • Optima

    A masterpiece of 'Design Kia' that's fascinating the world with style

  • New paradigm for midsize sedans, the Optima
    2010 ~

    A mid-size sedan representing the design philosophy of Kia as a winner of the prestigious iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

  • Optima hybrid

    A bright new look for a technologically enlightened sedan

  • Cerato / Forte

    Truly loved by young drivers for its dynamic sense of style

  • Dynamic and vibrant, the Cerato/Forte
    2012 ~

    A stylish, dynamic compact sedan that comes in various engine versions to suit the needs of younger drivers

  • Cerato/Forte

    Truly loved by young drivers for its dynamic sense of style

  • Ray

    A totally new box-type CUV that sets a new standard of space efficiency for city cars

  • Opening a new automotive world, the Ray
    2011 ~

    A totally new city car featuring a unique box-shaped exterior and an innovative interior design that enables you to use more space and get into and out of the car with ease

  • Picanto

    A city car with unbelievable fuel economy

  • An entry car with great mobility and economy, the Picanto
    2004 ~

    A new standard for city cars, designed for first car buyers

  • Based on the new compact cars, New Picanto

    A city car with added convenience for a joyful ride plus safety airbags as standard

  • ALL in SMALL Picanto

  • Rio

    A passenger car designed for sporty looks, practicality and economy

  • The Rio, the dream car of the young
    1987 ~

    The dream car of young drivers, with 1,508,175 units of the Rio sold following its launch in 1986 till its discontinuation in February 2002: 702,450 units domestically and 805,725 units internationally

  • An economic compact car, the new Rio

    The first passenger car to be fitted with a diesel engine, causing a sensation in Korea's diesel-based passenger car market

  • The all new Rio, globally acclaimed

    Highly welcomed in the global market based on its global recognition including the bronze medal in transportation at the U.S. IDEA Design Awards, one of the world's top 3 design awards

  • A talented compact Rio

  • Carens / Rondo

    A trendy crossover minivan with a perfect combination of different strengths lf both passenger cars and SUVs

  • Economically stylish, the Carens/Rondo
    1999 ~

    A crossover minivan consisting of 100 percent locally procured components that can best serve both your workday commute and your weekend outing

  • Look no further for performance, style and economy. The new Carens/Rondo is the answer

    Best in class fuel economy and merchantability at a reasonable price

  • The all new Carens/Rondo, the winner of the prestigious red dot Design Award

    A multi purpose crossover minivan that is trendy and practical

  • Mohave

    A high-end SUV that is rewriting the standards of on- and off-road safety and performance

  • A luxury SUV that is more than just a means of transportation
    2008 ~

    A high-end 4WD SUV equipped with the best engine and powertrain for a free ride on both urban and rough roads

Cerato / Forte

2008 ~ 2012

One of the most popular premium compacts in Korea
with a powerful engine, good fuel economy,
high-end convenience and advanced safety features



2003 ~ 2011

A premium sedan designed to give the driver
and the passengers a special feeling
of class and sophistication


Lotze / Optima

2005 ~ 2010

A mid-size sedan that featured intuitive handling and agile responsiveness



2003 ~ 2008

The one-time leader of the Korean compact segment boasting an impressive interior, voluminous side profile lines and impeccable safety



2000 ~ 2005

A premium sedan that placed the highest priority on safety,
comfort and style



1981 ~ 2005

A minibus based on a truck chassis
that was used for multiple purposes,
including family outings



1999 ~ 2004

A city car that gained in popularity thanks to its lowered ground clearance for greater stability



1995 ~ 2004

A curvy-shaped minibus that set a new standard in its class for practicality, comfort and performance



2000 ~ 2003

An urban compact sedan with ample space and formidable instant
power to provide both the fun of driving and comfort



1999 ~ 2002

A multi purpose passenger car that provided a good ride
and ample space, featuring high versatility
that made it suitable for both business and leisure



1997 ~ 2002

A luxury full-size sedan that set a new standard for its class
thanks to its formidable power as well as
Korean design touches and feeling of privilege



1992 ~ 2002

A premium sedan famous for its classical design design, comfortable ride, stable driving performance and wide instrument panel



1997 ~ 2000

A compact hatchback-type sedan that inherited the Sephia's sporty DNA and found its way into the world of motor sport



1995 ~ 2000

A front wheel drive model handling
with agility and exceptional handling.
It was widely recognized for its trim and design.



1992 ~ 2000

A legendary compact sedan in the Korean
automotive history that was developed based on
Kia's original technologies,
for sporty handling



1996 ~ 1999

Korea's first convertible roadster based on a Lotus UK design.
Eighty five percent of its components were locally procured.



1994 ~ 1999

The second global car to be jointly developed by Korea, the U.S. and Japan. This curvy subcompact was designed by Mazda, produced by Kia and marketed by Ford.



1986 ~ 1997

A minibus that provided both safety and performance
to set a new standard for family cars



1989 ~ 1996

A dynamic sedan with best-in-class engine performance,
high top speed and cabin comfort.
It triggered a race for excellence in performance among local sedans.



1987 ~ 1995

A mid-size sedan that ruled the road with its sporty exterior, exceptional driving performance and unparalleled safety, putting it ahead of comparable mid-size sedans of the time



1974 ~ 1981

Korea's first passenger car, the first example of a locally produced
Korean automobile



1969 ~ 1974

A small practical pickup used to carry daily necessities around the neighborhood