Our creative artworks presented at the Gwangju Biennale

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"Using these unused memory discs..."
"Hand and knitting are the theme."
"Inspired by an pipe organ that can be seen in a cathedral or a music theater..."
"How can I make a sound of Korean flavors..."
"I thought the most essential elements are humans..."
"Through the reinterpretation of Gogh's Sunflowers..."

Winding sheet
3.5 Floppy Disk
A whole new journey... I am dreaming of setting out to a place I've never been to, with my mind open, even if it often makes me anxious or decide to come back earlier.

I set out on a new journey today.
Yoon Seon-ho, Director, Kia Design Center

Exhibit Hall at a Glance

Anything, Something

This two-word theme of Gwangju Design Biennale, Anything points to what's common while Something points to specific.
You can appreciate how common things that native Koreans share can be blended with new style and flavor to create high touch with high technology. In other words, you can view the most 'Korean' thing in state-of-the-art digital technology.

Kia Exhibit Hall

The exhibition will explore hidden contexts and habits in our day-to-day communication that inform designers sensitive to both familiar and new environments and those who strive for creative forms of understanding and expression.

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Designers' Artworks

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  • Texture

    Fashion items (clothes, accessories) are photographed in close proximity to expose their materials or patterns.

    Kim Kyeong-mi, Member of Kia Color Team ㅣ 1000 x 1000 / clothes, accessories

  • Traveling Box

    Croquis books collected from a trip to 18 countries are expressed in perspective in a box.
    Croquis postcards are available from inside the box for visitors.

    Kim Sang-hun, Member of Kia Progressive Design Team ㅣ 30 x 30 x 30 Croqis:Europe52, Tokyo33 Free postcard:Printed(85)

  • The New Optima

    A sketch of the cabin of the new Optima using thread. The linear characteristics of thread make the cabin look more comfortable and unique.

    Kim Jong-hyeon, a member of Interior Design Team 1 ㅣ 594 x 841 / threads, paper, glue

  • Mausigi expressed in perspective

    A designer's job is to create a car out of a sheet of an idea sketch. This work is inspired by the painter Lee Jung-seop's Ox. What would a painting look like in the 21st century when drawn with data modeling?

    Kim Jun-yeong, Member of Kia Design Quality Team ㅣ 770 x 380 x 380 / acryl, gesso, mixed materials

  • O O


    A coil-molded vase with modeling elements complete with a two-tone engobe. This work represents the circle of stone to dirt, from dirt to porcelain, and from porcelain to dirt.

    Kim Ji-su, Member of Kia Color Team ㅣ 300 x 300 x 300 / MIXED CLAY

  • Kinetic Line

    A designer's car drawing expressed with vibrant, tout lines created by dots that are connected and overlap.

    Kim Ji-hyeong, Member of Kia Exterior Design 2 ㅣ 1200 x 440x30 / threads, canvass

  • Tangled

    Entangled diversity and harmony within us.

    Noh Youn-hee, Member of Kia Design Planning Team ㅣ 250 x 250 / glass craft

  • Bow-t 20062013

    I set out on my personal journey to find out how Kia would evolve when Kia's new DI began in 2006. Based on a premise of simplified sculpture, the evolution starting from the relationship between humans and cars converged to bowties through the juxtaposition of the naked and the formal. The diversity of bowties and that of cars corresponded perfectly. This work is the motif of new DI evolution through the simplification of sculpture and graphics. It is also a metaphorical expression of the designer's choice between logical thinking and transient emotion.

    Park Ki-su Member of Kia Exterior Design Team 2ㅣ 2150x1650 / Unbleached rough cotton cloth, Cotton, Nylon, Polyester

  • Harmony (using light pipe organ)

    Lines and planes, the essential elements of design, are used repeatedly in different thicknesses and lengths to simulate a pipe organ. The horizontal elements represent the keys, while the vertical ones - the pipes. Speakers using the resonance of the pipes are employed to complete the harmony and transform the whole into a lighting and audio device offering brand new value.

    Park Ki-hong, Member of Kia Design Quality Team ㅣ 1660 X 380 X 380 / mixed materials, lighting acryl, aluminum pipes, LED modules, MP3 player

  • Boom

    Conversation with myself beyond time and spatial limits.

    Park June-seo, Member of Kia Design Planning & Support Team ㅣ 800 × 700 × 455 / a hanji (Korean traditional handmade paper) craft

  • Life

    Abstract expression of daily life.

    Baek Hwan-wuk, Member of Kia Exterior Design Team 1 ㅣ 1170 x 920 / charcoal and plaster


    Intense colors are used to express the oppression in one's heart. One human and one animal are depicted.

    Seo Hyeok-june, Member of Kia Color Team ㅣ 1000 X 600 X 1000 / pipes

  • Instinct

    Products using knit patterns coupled with lighting.

    Seo Hyeon-ju, Member of Kia Color Team ㅣ 800 x 1000 / knit, lighting

  • Artificial Language

    Conversation with myself beyond time and spatial limits.

    Shin Woong-cheol, Member of Kia Design Planning & Support Team ㅣ 420 × 580 / books and paper

  • Dreamy

    I wanted to find the true meaning of wax drippings that can be seen frequently in daily life. They can have different colors and melt and harden easily, but are there any aspects about melted wax that we don't know? I sprayed boiled wax over a heated aluminum plate to make this work.

    Ahn Seo-hee, Member of Kia Exterior Design Team 2 ㅣ 850 x 900 / aluminum canvass, wax