Kidult wonderland

Sense of boys and girls, meet the future.

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Kidult Wonderland
Sense of boys and girls, meet the future.

Kidult wonderland Sense of boys and girls, meet the future.

Exhibit Hall at a Glance

2015 KIA DESIGN ART WORKS starts from ‘joy, play and free creativity

KIA designers release their unique characteristic and creativity, with their art competence and creative possibility.

Kia Exhibit Hall

They present their various creations which motivated from their memories and nostalgia from childhood and pure creativity breaking out from stereotype. Also, they create fun images including contemporary issue and wit, which let people curious and exciting our objective is to make a creative project which designer and visitors let the joy and excitement of art and positive creativeness together.

  • Kia Exhibit Hall

Designers' Artworks

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  • Confusion

    Its purpose is to remind a lighting car part by attaching 365 points of the work production using cluster points of Kia Ray car made from Kia on a white canvas(900 * 660 mm) randomly.

    Shin Dae-sik

  • Taegeukgi-a car

    Shaping Taegeukgi with a toy car

    Gang Sa-muk

  • Art toy travel sketches

    Emotional travel sketch through an art toy.

    Gang Ju-yeon


    Production, or three-dimensional picture of the different line art individually(5 persons) with one title- participants in the landscape of a room
    Gwak Gang-min Shin Hye-sung Lee Gyeong-sil

  • Interior reinterpretation

    Reinterpretation of a 2D image based on the sketch of interior studies

    Gwak Yong-baek

  • Concrete Garden

    Balance of textures and geometric pattern expression using concrete planters and chrome-feeling paint

    Kim Gyeong-mi

  • Inside-Out

    Expression of the re-birth process with special meaningful works consisting of ordinary parts

    Kim Gyeong-yun

  • David and Goliath

    Expression of the imaginary monsters of childhood with pencil stubs.

    Kim Dong-ju

  • the islands

    Expression of an ideal and surreal world with miniatures

    Kim Byeong-woo Park Ju-hun

  • Real+Fantasy

    Expression of realistic + satirical subject through molding, colors using sculpey

    Kim Byeong-chul

  • traveling box

    It's a work developing a travel theme of a 2013 traveling box, which re-interprets man-created beauty-themed photos by making a collage in different views based on personal experience during traveling.

    traveling box

  • Youth, troubled.

    For the youth which the responsibility has been shifted , tired on the sidelines and sustained only through efforts in the frame of "Early training means more than late learning" made by the older generation, and a deep-rooted hatred for women.

    Kim Seung-hun

  • Boa constrictorⅠ

    Re-interpretation of the little prince and boa constrictor in terms of the present over time.

    Kim Jong-hyeon

  • Boa constrictor Ⅱ

    New image direction through meeting the repetitive factor of mass production with craft(applied fine arts) viewed from the designer's perspective

    Kim Jong-hyeon Kim Chung-hyo

  • Harmony

    Expression of the theme of harmony inspired by his wife with a relievo by using flowers(real flowers, artificial flowers)

    Kim Joo-young

  • Layered circular picture frame

    Expression of clear and bright gradual basic model using white porcelain

    Kim Ji-soo

  • Mask

    It expresses the primitive and instinctive human emotions, to make life opposed to the real sculpture through exaggerated proportions and shapes.
    Kim Chi-young

  • Pets

    Expression of the surreal shape using sculpey

    Kim Han-ul

  • closed eyes

    Expression of silent space felt when closing eyes shaped with hands

    Kim Hyeon-seon


    Expression of BRUCE LEE who become a popular idol from his childhood due to his passion and sincerity in painting

    Kim Hyun-seong


    Imaginary skateboard made of blocks during childhood

    Kim Hyung-jin

  • Planting the purity of childhood

    It plants the purity of childhood by longing for Legos at a time in the mind as he was growing up.

    Nam Gung-eun

  • Body jewelry

    Body jewelry being part of the body(jewelry)

    No Yun-hui

  • Joker

    Art lamp to be hung on the wall between the plane drawing illuminated by lighting

    La Seok-yong

  • 3D Line Art

    Expression of plane paintings in each prop-theme with space direction effect works.

    Park Gi-hong

  • Superpower~

    Memory of having superpower arms to do everything in childhood.

    Park Byeong-gyu

  • Growing

    Expression of modern people being digitalized by losing the kidults' emotions.

    Park Tae-il

  • Sylarkenseu

    Expression of fish shape using clay.

    Bang Ju-seok

  • Sister deep sadness (悲痛)

    Expression of the young generation ignoring reality that needs a lot of things beyond their practice.

    Bae Cheol-su

  • play, play, play

    Production of three teddy bears in the playful and fairytale-like atmosphere in a variety of expression techniques used frequently in childhood.

    Baek Bit-na

  • Groups of stones

    It produces an elephant shape with mosaic using stones.

    Baek Hwan-uk


    Re-interpretation of the memory of collecting insects in childhood as fantastic insects.

    Seo Jae-won

  • Tiger

    Production of tiger head shape by creating the textures of paper.

    Seo Jin-seok

  • 3D Line Art

    3D-dimensional work by adding designs or patterns using 3-D printer pen lines.

    Song Jae-guk

  • Shadow

    Drawing work using shadows.

    Song Hyeon-kyeong



    An Sang-hun


    Mask made by processing aluminum.

    An Seo-hui

  • Fly me to the moon

    Expression of flying in the sky with a tri-plane that was especially loved during childhood.

    An Seong-hun

  • My first sky

    My first prefabricated pla model in childhood, which I love most. I see the subject to open the sky now since I had grown up.

    Oh Yun-seok

  • Begin again

    It gives shape to the imagination I had of toys, which would have been real in childhood with soft lighting using ceramics.

    Yun Woo-seok