Sorento UM
Camouflaged Drive

Meet a new car veiled before it is unveiled

Design & Art Promotion

The All New Sorento ran under a veil with a tiger - the source of Kia's family look- drawn on it as part of its pre-launch promotion.

  • 호랑이 무늬로 위장막된 쏘렌토 흰색 차량

    Veiled before being unveiled

    Under the uniquely created veil, the All New Sorento exuded a dynamic and ferocious aura.

  • 호랑이 무늬로 위장막된 쏘렌토 검은색 차량

    Cover that gives the feeling of a tiger

    'The new Sorento is noticeably more premium looking than its predecessor and features an enlarged tiger-nose grille and larger headlamps. It is much more dynamic-looking, with a clearer identity.

  • 챠량 측면 내구성 강조문구가 씌여진 모습
(Advanced Hight Stength Steel 53%)

    Cover with the picture of a white tiger on it

    In the stylish, striped cover, the car makes one think of a white tiger. It uses Advanced High Strength Steel (with tensile strength 60kg/㎟ or higher) for up to 53 percent of its body to provide greater safety.