MY Taxi

A project where passengers' safety is put ahead of everything else

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Introduced in collaboration with the credit card company Hyundai Card, the My Taxi service provides another form of public transportation for the people of Seoul.

We offer new small, spacious and smart taxis for Seoul.

- A foreigner catching a taxi at the airport
- Using a taxi sent by Mom
- Sending my girlfriend off safely in a taxi
- Using a booked taxi in Gangnam

Characteristics of each part of the car
- Electric: An eco-friendly taxi with no Co2 emissions
- Information zone: Route, fare, music, language choices and much more information available through an integrated passenger interface
- Roof sign: The availability of the taxi is indicated by different colors
- Taxi post:
- Rear lamp: The rear lamps alert cars running behind the taxi when passengers get in or out.
- NFC door handle: Touch the NFC with your smart phone to view information on the taxi
- Luggage space: Reserved for passengers
- Bike rack: Capable of accommodating two bikes
- Welcome light: This turns on when passengers get in and out at night.
- Seoul city map: This shows popular tourist destinations in Seoul famous for cultural or design elements

Collaboration between Kia and Hyundai Card

The “My Taxi“ is a taxi that adjusts to densely-populated urban settings, with a concept of “Small, Spacious, Smart.” Its compact exterior and spacious interior satisfy both the requirements of passengers and the demands of navigating city traffic in a large city. Based on the electric version of the Ray, Kia's flagship city car, it features a simplistic design and passenger-focused philosophy.

Small : City-Friendly, Eco-Friendly
Spacious : Passenger-Friendly
Smart : Communication for Reliability

Passenger-focused My Taxi

ㆍThe My Taxi is SMALL
Its compact exterior perfectly meets the requirements for agility in heavy city traffic. Plus, it is fully eco-friendly with zero emissions.

ㆍThe My Taxi is SPACIOUS
Design-wise, the My Taxi is all about flexibility. By removing a front passenger seat, it has extra space for luggage.
ㆍThe My Taxi is SMART
Risks that might accompany public transport are addressed with new technologies. People can use a handy app to hail a taxi on the go, pay the fare, check their journey history and share their route with friends through NFC tagging.