A car that combines a conventional engine and an electric motor


ECO-Friendly Technologies - HEV (Hybrid)

A hybrid system maximizes engine efficiency while minimizing carbon emissions by combining a normal combustion engine with an electric motor. Hybrid vehicles provide a practical alternative in today's eco car market.

  • Theta II 2.4 MPI Engine

    Theta II 2.4 MPI Engine

    Max power 159hp / max torque 21.0kg.m

  • Electric Motor

    This is the main source of power in the EV mode. It supplements the power generated by the engine and charges the battery with the electrical energy generated when the brakes are applied.

  • Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

    This is a high performance power supply and storage.

Optima Hybrid 500h and Cadenza Hybrid 700h

  • EV drive mode, regenerative braking system
    (Charging of the battery from the regenerative braking system depends on the vehicle's driving condition and the drive of the motor and the engine)

    500h 16.8 km/ℓ, 700h 16.0 km/ℓ
    (Combined fuel economy)
  • Cadenza 2.4 HEV - Combined fuel economy 16.0km/ℓ(city:15.4km/ℓ,highway:16.7km/ℓ),combined CO2 emissions:106g/km,engine displacement:2,359cc,curb weight:1,690kg,automatic 6 speed(grade 1)

    Optima 2.0 HEV - Combined fuel economy 16.8km/ℓ(city:16.2km/ℓ,highway:17.5km/ℓ),combined CO2 emissions:100g/km,engine displacement 1,999cc,curb weight:1,570kg,automatic 6 speed(grade 1)
    (The fuel economy above was measured in the standard mode and thus may differ from actual fuel economy depending on the road conditions, driving behavior, load, maintenance and the outside temperature.)

Optima Hybrid 500h and Cadenza Hybrid 700h

Optima Hybrid 500h and Cadenza Hybrid 700h

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No fuel is consumed when it runs in EV mode.
Energy is replenished every time you brake, resulting in greater fuel efficiency.
The Cadenza Hybrid and the Optima Hybrid have ushered in a premium hybrid era.

EV Drive mode
Regenerative Braking System
The battery charging through the regenerative braking system depends on driving style and the condition of the motor and the engine.
500h 16.8km/l 700h 16.0km/l
Cadenza 2.4HEV: Combined fuel economy 16.0km/l (city: 15.4km/l, highway: 16.7km/l ) Combined Co2 emissions: 106g/km, engine displacement 2.359 liter, curb weight: 1,690kg, automatic 6 speed (class 1)
Optima 2.0 HEV: Combined fuel economy 16.8km/l (city:16.2km/l, highway:17.5 km/l) Combined Co2 emissions: 100g/km, engine displacement 1.999 liter, curb weight: 1,570kg, automatic 6 speed (class 1)
* The fuel efficiency is based on the standard mode and may differ from actual efficiency depending on road conditions, driving style, load on board, maintenance and ambient temperature.
Cadenza 2.4 HEV, combined fuel economy 16.0km/l
Cadenza Hybrid 700h Optima Hybrid 500h

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