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Our efforts towards zero emissions

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ECO-Friendly Technologies - EV (Electric Vehicles)

In pursuit of the ultimate goal of zero emissions, Kia Motors has established an EV mass production system based on our independent technology.

  • Massive Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

    Massive Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

    The lithium ion polymer battery improves efficiency while the battery life has been enhanced thanks to low internal resistance and improved design and control that helps maintain optimal status when being charged or discharged.

  • High Efficiency EV Motor

    High Efficiency EV Motor

    The EV motor offers better fuel economy by improving efficiency and minimizing losses. Its maximum output of 50kw (68 HP) and maximum torque of 17.0kgㆍm(167Nㆍm) are as powerful as those of gasoline engines.

  • Built-in Slow Charging System for Domestic Use

    Built-in Slow Charging System for Domestic Use

    The built-in slow charging system maximizes convenience by offering both fast charging at charging stations and easy charging at home.

  • Supervision Cluster (for EVs only)

    Supervision Cluster (for EVs only)

    The 3.5-inch OLED screen and the round segment LCD provide a range of information, including the driving distance remaining.

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