Corporate Initiatives

Our steps to achieve cleaner nature

잔디밭 위 에코 엠블럼

Eco-friendly Corporate Initiatives

Our efforts to realize sustainable future environment

For global environmental conservation and sustainable growth, Kia Motors undertakes various social activities. We now plan to share our achievement of eco-activities through constant communication with customers.

Eco dynamics Expedition

Ecodynamics Expedition Ecodynamics Expedition

Ecodynamics Expedition

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A snapshot of their activities
  • We renamed ‘Lotze Teenager Expedition’, which had achieved sizeable contribution to the community and mankind through supporting teenager talents, as ‘Eco dynamics Expedition’ in 2010 and expanded its scale to cater to the needs of more than 20 teenagers.

    Eco dynamics is Kia’s unique eco-friendly brand and symbolizes the strength to drive a new civilization in which the environment, eco-system and humanity coexist in harmony. As part of the rebranding, the new expedition program has enriched its overall quality by adding new environmental and ecological programs that provide wider experiences and voluntary opportunities for a greater number of teenagers to participate in.
  • objective : Training of eco-friendly talents throungh 'Environmental Education / Experience → Challange → Action → Change'

    Target : Teenager expedition members (age between 15 and 19) and College student mentors (age between 21 and 26)

    Key activities
    : A.Domestic programs
    Environmental education, field trips to ecological regions, community celan-up campaigns, environmental lectures, etc.

    : B.Gloval eco camp
    Visit to UNEP headquarters and listening related lectures, local planting activity, visit to national parks, Kilimanjaro hiking and ice cap observation.

Mali Project

Mali Project Mali Project

Mali Project

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Kia Motors sponsors a long-term charitable program to help local farmers in Mali, West Africa raise their quality of life.
Kia Netherlands and Kia Sweden have been working together to run a successful charity project for the country designed to raise quality of life in local communities.
Local farmers learn the skills required to raise jatropha from the Kia foundation.
The jatropha planted as part of the project can prevent soil from being lost, protect crops and provide materials for use in bio-diesel.
Local farmers share factories that produce bio-diesel.
Jatropha can protect crops from wind or soil erosion.
It can be used as an organic fertilizer and bio diesel through which local farmers can earn extra income.
The funds provided by Kia Motors are used to establish community field schools.
The schools provide education on how to grow jatropha.
Over 5,000 farmers are growing millions of jatropha.
We learned how to identify and solve problems and increase production.
We started this project for one reason, but now have at least five reasons to do it.
Bio diesel is produced through a process operated by local farmers, with a sustainable flow of funds.
The high quality bio-diesel produced using jatropha is either exported or consumed locally.
Kia Motors is proud to sponsor the Mali Project and is now considering rolling it out to all of its entities in Europe in 2012 so that more support can be provided to local communities in the country.
  • Located in North-western Africa, the landlocked Mali is dominated by the Sahara Desert and has experienced chronic poverty due to desertification.

    Since 2007, Kia Motors Netherlands and Kia Motors Sweden have been working with the German non-profit organization TfT (Trees for Travel Foundation) to plant jatropha trees in Mali, one of the nations worst-hit nation by climate change. The jatropha tree protects other plants by curbing soil erosion. The jatropha fruit can be used to make biodiesel and soap. Therefore, the program not only contributes to environmental protection but also creates an income source for the local community. Since 2012, all Kia branches in Europe have participated in this program and have donated sizeable funds.

    Kia Motors shares knowledge to local farmers about how to grow and manage the plants.
  • Objective: Eco-friendly community support (e.g. CO2 absorption, desertification prevention, biodiesel production)

    Target : Mali & local farmers

    History: ① Initiated by Kia Holland in 2007 ② Joined by Kia Sweden in end 2008 ③ 3.5 million jatrophas planted by 2011 ④ Joined by all Kia entities in Europe in 2012

    Support: Donation of EUR 15 for each car sold (up to £500,000 per year)

    Effect: Off-season income generation for local farmers ($100 per farmer: 25% of his/her annual income), 5,000 local farmers benefited

Optima Hybrid Fuel Economy in the Guinness Book of World Records

Optima Hybrid, registered on the Guinness World Records

Kia’s Optima Hybrid has registered in the Guinness Book of World Records, proving its outstanding eco-friendly performance.
For 16 days, Optima Hybrid had gone cross-country through 48 states in the US (exclusive of Alaska and Hawaii) to challenge its best fuel economy for the Guinness World Records. As a result, Optima Hybrid had successfully completed its 7,899-mile (12,710km) course at the average fuel economy of 64.6mpg (27.5km/ℓ) and honorably registered its name in the Guinness Book of World Records. The fuel economy of 64.6mpg (27.5km/ℓ), in particular, far exceeded the previous Guinness Record of 52.3mpg (22.2km/ℓ), and it was improved by 61.5% compared to its official highway fuel economy of 40.0mpg (17.0km/ℓ) in the US.
Optima Hybrid is now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, followed by Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 Diesel (M/T) which recorded 58.8mpg (25.0km/ℓ) for non-hybrid section (2009).

Optima Hybrid Optima Hybrid

Optima Hybrid

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On otp of its best fuel economy & efficiency, its comfort for a lont-distance drive was very impressive.

Wayne Gerdes

The Optima Hybrid achieved average fuel efficiency of 64.6mpg on its travel across the U.S. continent.

Objective: Global promotion of the Optima Hybrid's excellent fuel economy and Kia's outstanding environmental technology

Overview: Setting a new Guinness World Record by achieving maximum fuel efficiency driving through all 48 adjoining states

Period: August 26 and September 9, 2011 (15 days)

Result: Registered in the Guinness Book of World Records

Official Record : 64.55 miles per gallon (27.5km per liter)
61.4 percent improvement compared to the EPA fuel economy (40 miles per gallon)

Motor Show's Eco-friendly Zone

In major motor shows worldwide, Kia Motors plans to run a separate eco-friendly zone from 2014 to share our new value, philosophy and achievements in eco-friendly activities with global customers.

  • Motor Show's Eco-friendly Zone 2014

  • Motor Show's Eco-friendly Zone 2014

  • Motor Show's Eco-friendly Zone 2014

    Motor Show's Eco-friendly Zone 2014

  • Motor Show's Eco-friendly Zone 2014

  • Motor Show's Eco-friendly Zone 2014

Eco Collection

As one of our 19 eco-friendly marketing strategic tasks set up in 2013, Eco Collection is intended to deliver our image of eco-friendliness in a trendy and stylish manner to trigger 'WOW' impact.

  • ㆍ Directions
    Develop lineup reflecting eco stories
    Collaborate with eco brands
    ㆍ Purpose
    Make the public talk about Kia's eco stories through collaboration
  • ㆍ Items to develop
    Angle Bottle
    Air Back Pack
    ㆍ Developer
    Eco June Company (a RedDot/iF Design Award winner)
  • Angle Bottle

    ㆍ Made of Bisphenol A free, biodegradable corn starch (PLA)
    ㆍ Sloping 40 degrees, not blocking front buttons, etc. Ergonomically designed for easier use while driving.
    ※ The package will always carry Kia-Eco June eco-collaboration branding.

  • Air Back Pack

    ㆍ Made of materials recycled from defective airbag, with the strip made of used safety belt
    ㆍ Stylishly designed to be used as both a pack and a cross bag depending on the preferences of the young at heart, the main target of the eco brand.
    ※ The package will always carry Kia-Eco June eco-collaboration branding.

Eco Mobile App (Tumble)

Eco Driving Guide for Eco-friendly & Economical Driving Habits

Running the "Tumble" while driving will make the Eco Driving Guide a perfect friend for any driver. This smart mobile application can analyze the driver's driving habits and make certain adjustments accordingly.

Eco-friendly mobile app Eco-friendly mobile app

Eco-friendly mobile app

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Your Eco Drive Guide

Start recording driving history, Eco Driving School ranking, set black box recording

Set road gradient measurement
This measures the gradient of the road you are running on to provide you with the right driving guide.
Turn off the air conditioner.
Drive with inertia.
※ This function is only available when you start from standstill on flat ground.
※ Go to [Settings] and [Road Gradient Measurement] to change the settings.

Today's driving mission
Raise your score with more attention to your weaknesses below. Mind your fuel economy!
Your weaknesses as identified from your last seven drives
Cruising: C, Speeding: D

Start driving.
Do not let idling after startup exceed 10 to 30 seconds.
Warning! Sudden acceleration
Do not push the pedal too hard.
Use inertia when you run down a hill.
It will help save fuel.
Excess speed warning
Slow down for your safety.
Good. Cruising.

Black box on
(Recording activated upon impact)
20 seconds before and after the impact recorded
Ending your driving.

Results: your driving mission
Statistics for your weaknesses based on today's drive
Your weaknesses as identified from your last seven drives

Good: Cruising C>B Bad: Speeding B>D

Your drive at a glance
Sep 30, 2013
Sangam-dong → Dolim-dong
Travel distance: 16.75km, average speed: 75km/h
Uphill: 12%, level: 56%, downhill: 56%
Overall grade: B+

Driving performance
Overall grade: B+
You have done cruising well, as planned. You have some weaknesses as well: quick start and speeding.
When you start, be patient and increase the speed by no more than 20km/h over 5 seconds.
For your safety, keep your maximum speed to less than 100km/h...
Quick start: C, Sudden acceleration: D, Sudden braking: B, Sudden deceleration A+, Cruising: A-, Speeding: B+

Sudden acceleration
During your 31.5km drive
Mild sudden acceleration: 4 counts
Moderate sudden acceleration: 2 counts
Harsh sudden acceleration: 1 count
Go to Settings > Help > Criteria for Measurement of Eco Driving for details.

Tutorials for beginners
Remember that sudden acceleration can consume over 30% more fuel.
Sudden acceleration requires over 30% more fuel

Your driving graph
Overall grade: B+, travel time: 00:30:40
Regular drive 00.14:30 32%
Cruising 00:10:21 21%
Quick start/sudden acceleration 00:01:02 5%
Sudden braking / deceleration 00:01:58 7%
Speeding 00:04:45 19%
Idling 00:09:31 23%

Sep 30, 2013
National standings
Rank Name Average grade Counts of drive Travel distance
100,000th Kim Jeong-nam A- 123,205 823,489.6km
100,001st Andrea K B 105,135 105,326.2km
100,002nd Kim Yu-jin B+ 100,001 84,597.8km

How about becoming an eco driver?

Kia eco-drive Tumble has returned updated with an entirely new figure.
When you activate Tumble and drive, it becomes a kind eco-drive guide to match your eco-driving habits.

Key Features

  • ㆍAssessment of more than 10 driving elements through GPS & G-sensor

  • ㆍ Provide Black Box function and drowsy driving alert function.

  • ㆍ Analysis of ‘My Driving Habits’ and provide daily mission
    ㆍ Management of eco-driving mileage and grades, specialized evaluation of driving habits with related graph, ranks, and etc.

  • ㆍ Customized calculation guide for different vehicle size. (small car, compact car, midsize car, large size car)

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