About Boundless for All?

Benefits mobility beyond borders

About Boundless for All?

Future Direction of Kia Motors

An unprecedented paradigm shift is forcing the auto industry to undergo a complete overhaul: century-old internal combustion engines are giving way to more eco-friendly and resource-conserving successors; automobiles are learning to drive themselves; and cars are now connected to networks, enabling them to serve as highly-advanced computers. Industrial terms like hybrid and electric cars, autonomous driving, connected cars, and car sharing have now become household words around the world.

Kia Motors wishes to bring the benefits of all these changes in automobiles to each and every customer, while ushering in a future in which opportunities for mobility and transportation are limitless. The company’s future mobility vision, “Boundless for All,” which was unveiled in January 2018 at the CES, encapsulates this commitment and will be driven by the company’s new ‘ACE’ strategy to make its cars more Autonomous, Connected and Eco/Electric. Plans have already been put into action with the launch of the mobility service brand WiBLE in 2017. Scheduled for introduction in 2018, the new Niro EV model will embody Kia’s ACE strategy and mark the next major step toward realizing our vision of creating the most eco-friendly, safe and convenient automobiles through innovation and progress.

Future Direction of Kia Motors


4 areas of focus in delivering Kia's vision to customers



    WiBLE, Kia Motors' proud new brand dedicated to mobility services, is a short for "Widely Accessible anytime, anywhere", which reflects what Kia Motors seeks to achieve in mobility services.



    Think about it for a moment. Your car navigates itself to a preset destination by monitoring surroundings on its own while you concentrate on work or lay back and talk with your friend. This is what autonomous driving technology promises us in the foreseeable future.



    The connected car is one of the key factors to enhance and enrich our customers’ mobility experience. Kia Motors works closely with key players in the world of academy and industry, including IT communication service providers at home and abroad as well as local communities.



    It is also worth notice that Kia is seeking to expand the lineup of eco-friendly cars even further to take the lead in the eco-friendly/electric car markets. Kia Motors plans to expand its eco-friendly car line up to 16 HEVs, including five HEVs, five PHEVs, five EVs, and one FCEV by 2025.

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