Kia Motors Youth Program

A feel-the-world program for young people

Kia Global Workcamp

Kia Global Workcamp, Kia Motors‘ flagship talent development program, will welcome its 12th batch of participants since its inaugural program in 2006. Undergraduate (and Graduate) university students selected from all over the country for the Workcamp will participate in ’Workcamps‘ in Europe (Greece, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France etc.) to take part in ’volunteer activities‘ and ’cultural exchange‘ activities involving environment, culture, facility maintenance, education, and other issues.

What will I do at the Kia Global Workcamp?

If you are finally selected as a participant at either an international camp or a domestic camp, you will spend time with young people from all over the globe to broaden your view of the world, equipping yourself with the range of perspectives necessary to grow as a global citizen.

  • 기아 글로벌 워크캠프 로고

Kia ECO Dynamics Expedition

Kia Eco Dynamics Expedition aims to raise global eco-leaders among middle, high, undergraduate and graduate students in association with UNEP National Committee for Korea through various activities, such as lectures, field trips and eco-projects.

  • 패브릭 벽돌로 완성된 쓰레기분리장

    Pabrick Project

    Africa, which suffers from a lack of adequate architectural materials, nevertheless has abundant clay and waste paper resources, which were thus selected to make light but rigid paper bricks for use in the construction of a junk yard.

  • 티셔츠로 만드는 웨어백

    Wear Bag Project

    Kia had a precious time with African students making 'Wear Bags', which are made with T-shirts with texts about Kia Motors, Africa or environmental protection stenciled on them.

  • 님캔들을 만드는 원정대들

    Neam Candle Project

    Based on the idea that mosquitoes hate a fruit called neam, we made candles with neams. Now the students can get a good night's sleep with neam candles lit without the fear of being bitten by malaria ridden mosquitoes.

  • 아프리카에 초록생각을 심다

    Implanting green thoughts in Africa

    This program involves teenagers and their college student mentors teaming up to perform a wide range of activities to protect the environment and put into practice various ideas to help Africa.

What do the Participants of Eco Dynamics Expedition do?

Students selected for the domestic camp will learn about the eco-friendly, appropriate technologies necessary to raise the quality of life in the third world and take part in projects to develop such technologies.
Those selected for an overseas camp will apply the newly developed technologies to local communities.

  • 아프리카 주민들과 인사하는 다이나믹스 원정대 친구둘


UNESCO Kids is a project to lead children of korea to have a bigger dream by providing them with unique global experince. Children will be encouraged to have a dream and a vision to be global leaders and world citizens who contribute to global peace and development.

  • 모의 총회중인 유네스코 키즈들

    Into the World with Kia

    Children taking part in the UNESCO Kids Camp had the opportunity to visit the head offices of UNESCO and OECD in Paris and learn about the roles of international organizations and what needs to be done to make the world a more peaceful place.

  • 화성공장을 견학하는 학생들

    Hwaseong Plant tour

    They also went on a tour to Kia's Hwaseong Plant to learn about the history of cars and see how cars are actually produced.

  • 박물관을 견학하는 학생들

    Global Culture Tour

    UNESCO kids learned about Europe's history and culture through appreciation of the artworks shown at Le musée du Louvre and Musée d'Orsay.

What do UNESCO Kids do?

Activities that UNESCO kids participate in include learning about world peace, international organizations, the environment and cultural diversity, taking tours to world cultural heritage sites, Kia's manufacturing plant and UNESCO building, as well as taking part in a model UNESCO general assembly.

  • 프랑스를 방문한 유네스코 키즈들