Kia Surprise Weekend

A platform for cultural marketing powered by Kia's brand identity

My Dream Ride

Vibrant! Distinctive! Reliable!

Talented artists from around the world bring you distinctive and creative exhibitions and performances that encapsulate Kia's brand identity.

  • 가나 아트갤러리 전시장 내부전경

    Kia through the Eyes of Artists

    Organized by Kia Motors along with Ghana Art Gallery and Eloquence, Kia Surprise Weekend is a distinctive event where many local and international designers and artists showcase their unique and creative artworks around the theme of Kia Motors.

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    기아 서프라이즈 위크엔드 엠블렘

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    Snapshots of the Surprise Weekend Event

    Take a look at the fine collection of artworks presented by many internationally renowned artists.
    ㆍArtists: Michael Lau, Julien Vallée, Vakki
    ㆍSpecial Creators: Park Jin-woo, Kim Ki-jo, Moon Byeong-gwon
    ㆍSpecial Performers: Kirin, Peter Pan Complex, T.I.P Crew, DJ Antonie

    Kia Surprise Weekend is a global showcase program for young people that draws an eclectic group of exciting artists from all around the world.
    This exhibition will create a platform for Kia to provide cultural contents to its target group in their twenties. The main message, "A Different Beat," delivers the essence of Kia's brand identity.
    The main theme of Kia Surprise Weekend for 2013 was 'Creative.' The creative theme for their artwork was 'My Dream Ride.' Michael Lau, Julien Vallee and Vakki participated as the three main artists for this year's event.

    Michael Lau's work, 'Dare to Dream,' was inspired by the Kia Soul. It was comprised of a life-sized, artistic toy car that expressed affection towards people.
    My work for this exhibition delivers the message of what young people should do to express their uniqueness. It provides them with the opportunity to reflect on their attitudes towards their own lives. In consideration of the main idea of the work, "I am what I am," I did not want to orient young people on how they should live - the choices are for them to make. Instead, I wanted to create a special place of their own so that they can express their individuality and let them shine in their own ways. I think what is important to young people is the possibility of having their unique dreams come true: basically, filling the blanks within themselves. Having a dream, or driving a specific type of car, doesn't really matter.
    I believe that the most important thing is the spirit of "Dare to Dream," attempting the impossible and dreaming big.

    Vakki's work entitled "What I Dreamed" is a unique reinterpretation of the movement that can be seen in the internal structure of Kia's automobiles.
    In my childhood, I always craved for my own 'dream car,' so I created it for the Kia Surprise Weekend. I thought that 'vibrant,' part of Kia brand's core identity, resembles me a lot and then I decided to put jovial and dynamic images onto it. Thus, I approached my work with curiosity about the movement and designed it with a circular form. The concept of the work is to create a visual symphony using the patterns I created, with engines working together as a whole.

    Julien Vallee directly took the creative theme "My Dream Ride" as his inspiration and exhibited a swing-type artwork to awaken each visitor's own experience through a car ride.
    Julien Vallee To me, being distinctive is creating something that is different from everything else I've created. It was the first time I installed something in relation to the public so that they could interact with it, instead of just looking at it. The work involves people in what is designed as the concept of the best ride out on a car ever. I guess they've come and tried it so that we can leave for home with a memory of car ride they've imagined for them. This way, everybody can have fun like they were kids.. installing this swing in the middle of ribbons.. people can leave my installation thinking that this would be the most precious memory they would take from this experience.

    Kia Surprise Weekend aims to discover and develop young artists with great potential as well and continuously support their endless possibilities for the future. The event's visual identity, spatial configuration and performance were all created through the hands of today's influential artists.

    Kim Ki-ju: I wanted to create a visual identity that coheres with the overall image the event and let the audience relate it to the artworks of the three main artists.
    Park Zinoo: With the use of the mirror as the concept of the work, I wanted to crystallize the dynamics of Kia through the use of patterns. When the lights were shone upon the mirrors, the patterns were reflected during the performance, and I think it created a dazzling atmosphere.

    On September 27th, the opening event took place that involved the unveiling of the artworks as well as dance and music. During the exhibition, artists and visitors were given the opportunity to communicate on a deeper level through an artist presentation. Moon Byung-gon, a winner at Cannes, was also invited to show his short film. Both the film and talks within him were very well-received. Hanging out with the artists, live catering delivering a taste of Kia brand and the music provided by DJs were all another part of the unique experience on offer at the Kia Surprise Weekend. Kia will continue to share its Power to Surprise through the Kia Surprise Weekend.

  • 빠키 'What I dreamed' 작품

    Media Artist Vakki

    Her kinetic art objet 'What I Dreamed' is the distinctive reinterpretation of a car she imagined as a child using gears that actually move.

  • 줄리앙발레 작품

    Artist Julien Vallée

    His work 'My Dream Ride' expresses the experience that people have when they ride a car in a unique manner. The installation consists of a swing in the middle of colored ribbons. As visitors use the swing, their movement creates and changes the music to reflect their swing ride.

  • 마이클라우의 피규어작품

    Figure Artist Michael Lau

    Lau's work 'I am What I am' is a large auto figure that represents a Kia car with the value, imagination and joy of people riding it. It delivers a message that resonates with young people about how to appreciate and express their personalities and how their lives should be viewed.