Here, we‘ve gathered some frequently asked questions and corresponding answers.
You can search through the FAQ section.
If your query cannot be found in the FAQ, please sent e-mail the coordinator at the relevant plant.

  • QDo you offer bus services, meals, and souvenirs for field trips?

    We do not offer any vehicle or meal services but we offer a small souvenir for each of our visitors.

    For transportation options other than buses (i.e. cars/vans), please talk separately to our coordinator.

  • QWhere do I have to be on the day of my field trip?

    1) Search ‘Kia Motors Hwaseong plant main gate’ in your sat-nav. (Adjacent to the consignment office)

    *Address: 95, Kia Jadongcha-ro, Ujeong-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

    2) Please inform the front gate, “I‘m here for a field trip at the plant” and enter.

    3) Please board the guide vehicle waiting for you at the entrance and come up to the Promotion Hall.

    4) Get off at the Promotion Hall and begin your field trip around the Hwaseong plant.


  • QWhat does the field trip feature?

    A field trip takes roughly one hour and it features the following.

    Promotion hall tour (briefing/exhibition hall tour) -> production line tour (pressing plant -> body plant no. 3 -> assembly plant no. 3

    * Tours to the engine/transmission plant and other production lines are unavailable.

  • QWhen are field trips available?

    available on weekdays Monday ~ Friday / unavailable on weekends and public holidays

    8:00am/9:30am/12:00pm/1:30pm (four sessions per day)

  • QI‘ve completed my application. When can I expect a result?

    When all requested documents are received, we will notify you at the e-mail address you specified in your application.

  • QDo you have any templates for the official documentation?

    No. Official documents are requested to verify the organization making the application. You can use the template used in your own organization.

    Please address your official documentation to the General Affairs Team at the Kia Motors Hwaseong Factory and affix your organization‘s official seal on it.

  • QI haven‘t prepared all of the documents I need yet. Can I still apply for a field trip?

    If you‘ve fixed your date for a field trip, please apply through our website first and you can send in the paperwork later on.

    * Where to submit paperwork after your application: 1) e-mail: stwinter@kia.com / jhs3221@kia.com  2) Fax: 031-359-5110

  • QAre field trips to factories available for foreigners?

    Yes. However, for a definitive review of the visiting group and its members (security reasons), foreigners cannot apply for themselves and must have a relevant organization in Korea to apply on behalf of them. (No applications can be made through travel agencies). Once the application is received, the review and final approval will be determined. You will need the following documents.

    Requested documents: Official documentation issued by a relevant corporation in Korea, personal details of all visitors (Name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, affiliation (company), position, local contact information)

  • QWhat are the rules for field trip applications?

    You can reserve a field trip between 3~30 days after the day of your application

    -  adults, minimum 18 years old

    -  Legitimate groups capable of receiving official documentation

    -  Groups of 10 ~ 98 people

    -  Private field trips are unavailable and you cannot apply through an agency such as travel agencies

  • QHow can I apply for a field trip to a Kia Motors plant?

    Field trips to Kia Motors factories can be applied only through our website available on the internet. (No applications can be made on the phone)

    (Hyperlink: https://pr.kia.com/en/now/tour/application-for-a-factory-tour/main.do)