Boundless for All

Peter Returns

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Peter Returns
I hate when you do that!
We’ve got a crisis in Neverland! Hurry!
Slow down Tink, what crisis?
The city’s a mess!
Seems kind of urgent.
This can’t be good.
Peter, you have a new message.
Neverland traffic congestion at 99.8%.
What’s going on?
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
What a beautiful day for a drive! Suckers.
Neverland city, 2.6 kilometers ahead…
Where are you captain?
Heading to his tower!
That place is a fortress!
His control room is at the top!
You stay here, it’s too dangerous.
We might need you later.
Such lovely chaos.
Unwelcomed guests!
Hook wants a fight.
Let me go first.
Careful Peter!
I love this city!
Give it up Hook!
There he is, Peter of the people.
Neverland deserves better.
Please come here right now.
Hey… wait for me!
I am Neverland!
On our way!
Send ticking sound to Hook.
Hey captain, does this ring a bell?
Peter, it’s working.
Remind us what happened to your arm?
Hook control room!
Let’s give the people what they deserve.
Technology should be boundless for all.
Wait… What about…
But what about Hook?
He wanted all that technology for himself.
Let’s see where it takes him.
Hello captain. Enjoy your trip to Neverland prison.
No!! Peter Pan!!
The End.

With the help of Kia's Future Technology,
Peter has defeated Captain Hook, and
finally brought liberation of technology in Neverland.

At last, all people in Neverland can now enjoy advanced technology.

Everyday life with Kia's future technology

Infinite opportunities and possibilities in everyone's life,
That is the future mobility that Kia imagines.
We are introducing Kia's 8 future technologies that
will resolve inconveniences in mobility, and bring the joy of driving.
Take a look at the changes in your everyday life that Kia imagines to will bring introduce in the future.


Making Film

making Film

Making Film

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The Future of Kia, Peter Returns
I think we have achieved something really beautiful
We threw ourselves into it completely
It has been a really fun experience
Hook believes that only the privileged should be allowed to obtain and use advanced technology
Peter Pan wants to come back and restore Neverland, so that everybody has equal access to technology.
In the making?
From the Beginning, everybody had a lot of fun, and the project was a big scale. Everyone has been really focused and it has been a real joy to be here.
Everybody knows Peter Pan, the beloved character. Classic story, classic hero! He is very charismatic and cheeky.
My take on captain Hook…He is obviously a classic character
I knew in the audition room, before I´ve even got the recall? The Character will be enormously fun to play.
I do think it would be really fun if Wendy could have come in with a sword. But she saves the day at the end.
The fight has been an incredible achievement, in such a short space of time. I really liked the idea of marring, fencing and especially karate and martial arts.
So the car, from what I have been able to tell, is just incredibly intelligent. The way it sort of interacts with the driver and its level of understanding.
It´s so slick, the inside of the car. I think the features created in the commercial says the car can do something really impressive.
It was amazing to sit in something that very much felt like a spaceship. From that point of view is quite interesting to see what the future could hold.


Creating <Peter Returns> was an exciting adventure, but it wasn’t easy from planning a solid story, to shooting the film. It took more than a year to finish the whole process!

We established Neverland as a future city of 2030, where technologies of cars help the human industry.

<Peter Returns> intended to deliver Kia’s future message “Boundless for All”.

You’ll discover a totally different story from the original <Peter Pan>.

Future technology is normally something that people are unfamiliar with, but with the help of our friend Peter, advanced technology will sound simple to you real soon.

Philippe AndréDirector

Behind Story

As a martial arts lover, the sword fight between me and Peter on the rooftop was my favourite scene of the film! Haha!

Neil N.Captain Hook

It was very hard to do 3D work with multiple wires, but I won't forget the amazing experience of playing Tinkerbell in this modern twist of a classic fairy tale.

Almar STinker Bell

Acting the righteous Peter Pan, my childhood hero, was aunique experience. It was even better to become Peter in the future!

Matt P.Peter Pan

It is an honour to play Wendy, giving out technology to people in Neverland! I hope the day to enjoy these technology in real life comes soon!

Ellie D.Wendy