Social Responsibility

Helping our society have greater respect
for diversity


Our Value System and Directions for Social Contributions

Based on the shared values of our social contribution initiatives - mobility and challenge, Kia Motors fulfills its social responsibilities and endeavors to make society a better place by continually challenging itself.

A Better Way To Go

  • Mission


    We are fulfilling our social responsibility and embracing new challenges to contribute to the making of a better world

  • Shared value

    Shared values

    Our shared values focus on realizing universal mobility, a mission bestowed upon any automaker, and on raising ourselves to the next level of challenge.

  • Directions


    All of our social contributions will engage kia employees across the world and go beyond simple donations to create emotional ties with those in need.

Our Activities

This is what we do as part of our social contributions

  • Green Light Project

    Green Light Project

    One of our flagship global social contribution initiatives is to pursue the growth of individuals and empower the self-sufficiency of the community.

  • Green Tour

    Green Tour

    We donate vehicles for those with limited mobility owing to a physical handicap.

  • Member Volunteering

    Employee Volunteering

    Employees of Kia Motors volunteer to roll out the spirit of sharing throughout the company and help cement the unique culture of volunteering.

  • Support for College Students

    Support for College Students

    We offer a variety of programs to support college students and empower them to make the world a better place.

Featured Stories: Kia's social contributions

Learn more about Kia's social contributions through selected stories.

  • Beautiful Stories

    Beautiful Stories

    Read beautiful stories about our social contribution initiatives.

  • Social Contribution Updates

    Social Contribution Updates

    Stay updated on what we do as part of our social contribution initiatives.

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