About Corporate Social Responsibilities

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About Corporate Social Responsibilities

CSR Organization

Since its declaration of commitment to CSR management in 2008, Kia Motors has made progress in establishing its CSR Management Framework.
The dedicated organizations, the CSR Management Team and the Social Responsibility Committee engage in Social Outreach, Environmental Management, and Trust-based Management sectors as they pursue social responsibility management.
The period from 2008 to 2012 was the period during which the foundation for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) was laid in order for the entire business facilities all over the world share a common goal. From then to 2016, there have been efforts going on in order to spread the CSR to the global level, stabilize the system, and integrating the corporate culture with CSR.
In connection with Strategy 2020, which starts in 2016, the roadmaps for the next step, which are being prepared, are to be implemented starting from 2017.

Objectives and Strategy by Category

CSR Roadmap CSR Roadmap

Implementation and Plan by Category

Social Outreach
Since 2012, the company launched its ‘Green Light Project (GLP)’ which is a corporate wide product based on the share values and a domestic program, ‘Green Travel.’ This year, which is the fourth since the beginning of the implementation, these programs have established themselves as the truly representative social responsibility programs of KIA, with the opportunities not only for the employees but also their families and customers becoming more and more available.
In 2015, the company established the management system through the social responsibility diagnosis of the domestic business facilities, which a focus was made on stabilizing the system for the existing programs. Based on theses, in 2016, the direction of new corporate responsibility programs, which is called the connectivity-based social responsibility platform. And, it is intended to lay the foundation of CRS for the future, by increasing internal and external communications.

Environmental Management
Also, in 2014, the company held the Safety and Environmental Management Declaration Ceremony and established several dedicated organizations, including the safety and environment planning office. Also, by the year of 2020, the company plans to increase the number of environmentally-friendly vehicles, as a part of its mid/long-term plan to become the world’s No. 2. In addition, the company declared its mileage roadmap to enhance the gas mileage by 25% from 2014.
With the kind of management that protects the safety and environment, the company aims to reduce the negative impacts as much as possible, while protecting the health of the interested parties, including our employees and customers.

Trust-Based Management
In order to establish a culture of fair training, the company has introduced voluntary fair trading compliance program since 2002. And, starting from 2012, the company has been engaged in the compliance support program, as an upper level activity that encompasses the entire compliance activities of the company. Every year, the company provides compliance education to the employees along with the education on fair trading for the executives. And, with our internal monitoring system, the ethics committee within the board of directors function as the oversight organization to check implementation status of ethical management, in order to provide the driving force for this policy.

What we have to do to fulfill our social responsibility

Objectives and Strategy by Category Objectives and Strategy by Category

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