ECO-Friendly Monitor

Our efforts to help reduce energy use and emissions

Objectives & Achievements

ECO-Friendly Operation

With a comprehensive environmental management philosophy always in mind, Kia Motors has specified and evaluated an environmental goal for each workplace in order to achieve our ultimate goal of minimizing energy consumption/greenhouse gas emissions.

인간사랑의 실현
지속 가능한 사회
기업의 사회적 책임

Realizing cars that benefit humanity

"We are committed to meeting the social, economic and ecological needs of humanity and to fulfilling our social responsibilities to make our society an affluent and sustainable place."

Achievements from Environmental Operation

Kia Motors develops and applies means of cutting consumption and waste across the entire automotive lifecycle. We continually monitor our results and make improvements to realize our goal of being green and clean.

에너지와 온실가스 154kg
자동차 1대 생산 시 저감한 Co2 배출량 (2008년 대비)
수자원 30.0%
수자원 사용량 원단위 저감률 (2003년 대비)
자동차 1대 생산 시 감소된 폐기물 (2003년 대비)
대기오염 물질 44%
대기오염물질 원단위 저감률 (2003년 대비)
2013년 기준

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