Organizational Culture

Our in-house community activities for a better future

Dream Cube

New Kia

New Kia is an initiative to design our organizational culture.

New Kia focuses on fostering a virtuous circle of heightened morale and greater performance whereby our members and organization create, grow and share dreams together.It is aimed at strengthening organizational capabilities and cementing cultural foundation for organizational development. This will help us develop our own unique culture.

Activities for Organizational Momentum

  • Cross Meeting

    Cross Meeting

    Members from different departments including planning, operation support, production, finance & accounting, sales, service and marketing get together to find out more about each other and share each other's visions and interests. This provides them with an opportunity to meet new colleagues and have a better understanding of other functions of the company.

  • Dialog with the Leader

    Dialog with the Leader

    Department leaders openly talk about their lives including school life and career and answer questions from their fellow members to cement emotional ties between them.

  • Tigers Love Fund

    Tigers Love Fund

    The Kia Tigers and Kia Motors staff pitch in depending on the performance of the baseball players to raise cash for people in need. Fund raised from Tigers Love Fund is earmarked for activities related to baseball including support for young baseball players.

  • Kian Mothers and Fathers

    Kian Mothers and Fathers

    Employees of Kia Motors visit the elementary schools of their children to talk about cars and their dreams. This allows them to strengthen their emotional ties with their children and think again about the meaning and value of their work and career. We also offer opportunities for the whole class of an employee's child takes a tour of a Kia plant.

Building Organizational Capability for Sustainable Growth

  • Design Our Team Program (DOT)

    Design Our Team (DOT) Program

    Team leaders and team members talk freely and openly to trigger positive interactions, through which the team's culture can be redesigned. They share the vision of their team and discover the meaning and value of their work.

  • Change Hub Program (CHP)

    Change Hub Program (CHP)

    Multiple teams constitute a department. The Change Hub Program is a change-fostering activity conducted for each department. The department head supports the activity through leadership in organizational development. Department members identify cultural issues in their department and figure out solutions to improve organizational culture.

  • Factory Value-up Activity

    Factory Value-up Activity

    We foster and improve factory culture through 'Nawori' activity to make working on the factory floor easier, more comfortable and safer, with a task-achievement activity for regular staff.

  • Service Activity 'Eoulim'

    Service Activity 'Eoulim'

    This activity focuses on upgrading the roles of the organization and individuals and cultivating organizational culture to realize our vision: Make service be the first reason to choose Kia.

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