Re:Design Manifesto

Kia Motors Suggests You a New Lifestyle


By Re:Design we mean going beyond what you see to design every moment of your life with a new and amazing car.
Experience a new way of life brought to you by Kia.

Re:Design Manifesto Video

Kia is a global auto brand that actively plays a leadership role in the discovery and implementation of new value.
Now we are ready to go beyond designing what you see to design every moment of your life with a car for a more exciting life.
We call it Re:Design. Through the Re:Design campaign, we will make your life richer and more vibrant while bring you greater value.

Re:Design Manifesto Video

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Discovering a new value means going beyond the conventional.
We refuse to design something visible. We design every moment of your life that comes in contact with a car.
We call it Re:Design.
Now we start the first Re:Design project – The Drive.
From a simple drive to the destination to a drive that adds new value to your life.
We are happy to Re:Design your drive.