Gear Up

New to life, new to the road .
The first moment is challenging, but also exciting.
Start the engine and don’t look back.
Gear Up! Re:Design your first journey with Kia.

Gear Up

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I stand on the starting line
At an age where life blooms and driving begins
My mind flutters with excitement and my stomach is in knots.
As my heart beats faster, I realize:
The only chance
To enjoy this moment is right now
From this moment forward, I set my own course in life
Driving my own independence
Re: Design Project Gear Up
Making beginner drivers bolder
KIA Re: Designs your drive

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Gear Up Campaign Epilogue

How can we give the gift of confidence to young adults who are just starting out in life and are inexperienced at driving?

Let them experience the drive that they have never known before.

>> Subtitle
Kia recruited participants from all over the world.
Through Facebook, blogs, local distributor events, a large number of people expressed their interest to participate
and 13 lucky candidates with extraordinary stories were chosen to come to Barcelona.

>> KME interview
Our innovations are not only coming through improvements in the rational aspects of our products (in terms of design, quality, safety and technology), but also understanding the needs of consumers and improving the our products overall to fit consumers’ life needs.
KIA’s global campaign, Re:Design aims to bring across our brand philosophy to consumers.

This year, we aim to Re:Design self-confidence of young adults worldwide, who are about to enter in the adult life and experience driving for the first time with the gear Up campaign.

>> Participants interview
"Unlike my country, Barcelona has beautiful features. I want to actually drive on the streets and see them for myself."
“Barcelona has beautiful features that are different from my country. I want to actually drive on the streets and see them for myself."
"I've never driven on a race track before and this is the first time visiting a foreign country on my own."

>> Subtitle
Participants had an opportunity to take a driving challenge on the circuit in Barcelona.
On the second day, they enjoyed driving around the city in Barcelona.
With Fraser Doherty and Manfred Stohl, the participants had a chance
to boost their confidence in driving as well as in life.

>> Marketing Director (Interview)
We have invested half a year of preparation time and over 300 staffs
in order to give our best to present the best experience.

>> Saudi local distributors’ interview (inserted)

“The ‘Gear Up’ campaign was conducted worldwide by Kia and targets young adults in their 20s and 30s who are potential future customers for Kia.”

>> Subtitle
The long journey turned out to be a success and we gave unforgettable experiences to the participants.

>> Participants’ interview
"I've gained confidence in driving."
"It was really stable on dirt roads and hills."
“I was surprised with the powerful engine on the track with lots of hills.”

>> Subtitle
The Gear Up campaign received amazing responses from the public
The participants found themselves enjoying the driving experience and shared those amazing moments through Social Media.

>> Participants / Subsidiaries’ interview
"I think it will be helpful in terms of raising brand awareness as well as the overall perception."
“I had trauma after a bad car accident in the past. But now I became comfortable with

>> Outro subtitle
What they learned for four days was
keep dreaming
get rid of the fear
trust each other
and how to ride a road called life
Kia Re:design your drive.

Gear Up

  • CHALLENGE Enjoy the drive
    "Enjoy the drive"

    Just one day can change your tension to joy.
    You will realize driving is something to be enjoyed


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    May 13th 2015 Barcelona airport

    KIA invited young people from all over the world who wanted to gain confidence through driving.

    I am a former Miss Italy.

    The vehicle you see may be different from the actual vehicle sold.

    This is such a beautiful city.

    I really want to have a good time here.

    It’s beyond my imagination.

    I want to travel around the city and see everything.

    KIA prepared an extraordinary day for 13 novice drivers from all around the world.

    Re:Design project Gear up campaign 1st Story

    Challenge course, Drive of a challenging new course

    1st The heavy rain course

    2nd The reverse parking course

    3rd The slalom course

    Yet nervous mistakes

    But with smiley faces

    13 participants finally arrived at the racing circuit.

    Surprise appearance of the driving pilot

    What was your first impression of the circuit?

    I was very excited and it felt like a dream comes true.

    So, I’m very happy.

    What do you expect from the drive today?

    I am excited, but a little scared at the same time.

    4th The circuit taxi course

    An exciting trial run before the race

    How was the circuit taxi drive with Stohl?

    It was extremely scary at first.

    5th The speed racing course

    Now, all we have to do is ride happily

    What is your impression after completing the circuit?

    I’ve never imagined I’d be driving a racing car.

    I was always afraid of driving after I had a car accident.

    However, this experience helped me to overcome my fear.

    The time it took to go from nervous beginners to the sheer joy of driving, a single day
    They all discovered how much fun driving could be.
    Driving anticipation into reality
    KIA Re:designs your drive
    To be continued…

  • JOY Hit the road and follow wherever it leads you
    "Hit the road and follow
    wherever it leads you"

    From a speeding highway to a narrow
    alley in Barcelona,
    All of the world's roads are waiting for you.


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    May 15th 2015 Barcelona city

    What kind of exciting events will be waiting for the participants today after they had gained confidence in driving by speeding on the circuit all day yesterday?

    Re:Design project Gear up campaign 2nd Story

    Joy course, A joyful experience on the roads of Barcelona

    Where do you want to visit in Barcelona?

    I want to visit the Gaudi church.

    I’m not sure yet.

    The road of a pilgrim...

    KIA prepared two different courses for the participants.

    Exciting way, Gaining confidence by driving on all kinds of roads

    Driving through all corners of the city and even on highways

    Tibidabo Observatory

    The vehicle you see may be different from the actual vehicle sold.

    Let’s have fun riding!

    Montjuic Stadium

    Wow! The handling is amazing.

    Sagrada Familia Church


    My own way, Reaching their own destination

    Nationail Museum of Catalonia Art

    Let’s go and find the Barcelona

    I wanted to visit and experience!

    Ramblas Street

    Golf course

    Barceloneta Beach

    Picasso Street

    Art Glass

    Driving downtown was awesome!

    Amazing journey with KIA

    Traffic conditions were different, but I got confidence in driving.

    This is the Magellan Beach in Barcelona.

    From narrow roads in Barcelona to 100km/h on the highway, we discovered a bigger world through driving.

    Turning every trail into our own track

    KIA Re:Designs your drive

    To be continued…

  • LIFE TALK Grab the wheel on the journey of life
    "Grab the wheel on the
    journey of life"

    Believing in yourself is the first step to learn
    real-life driving. Always remember that you've
    learned how to follow your own road.

    Life talk

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    May 13th 2015 Barcelona ELPRINCIPAL

    During the four days of experience, 13 young people opened their eyes to the joy of driving.

    Re:Design project Gear up campaign 3rd Story

    Life Talk, A Mentoring Talk that encourages your life

    The screen showing the nervous participants on the first day!

    KIA found another way to inspire confidence in them.

    Today’s first mentor

    Motor racing champion, Manfred Stohl

    When we are driving

    I think everyone is afraid at least a little bit.

    Don’t lose confidence in driving

    and don’t be afraid of the future.

    If you dream about challenging yourself,

    life will become fun.

    Here comes the 2nd mentor!

    CEO of Super Jam, Fraser Doherty

    When I saw people complementing on my first jars of jam,

    I made jam all day long in the kitchen.

    You will face obstacles in your life,

    but they are just speed bumps on the way.

    I kept challenging when people said NO.

    and, eventually some people did say YES.

    They gave me more confidence.

    If you find your drive and challenge,

    you will find great adventures ahead of you.

    This might be the success that will change your life

    Just like Super Jam changed mine.

    Brief interviews with participants after the campaign

    What does this ‘Gear Up’ campaign mean to you?

    It was like a dream opportunity and all I can say is thank you.

    I’m so into KIA cars now.

    It has been a great pleasure to meet the world’s racing champion in person.

    My dream of driving on an actual circuit has come true.

    I was nervous at first, but

    I was able to enjoy driving thanks to a lot of help and advices.

    What they learned for four days was

    Keep dreaming

    Get rid of the fear

    Trust each other

    and how to ride a road called ‘life’.

    Expending the world for young drivers
    Kia Re:Designs your drive

※ This GearUp campaign is based on Kia Re:Design Project.