Brand Collection

You discover the brand identity of Kia Motors every moment, every day.

Brand Collection

Introduction to Brand Collection

We’ve planned and created our brand identity for consumers that can not only be experienced in their vehicles but also in daily lives.

Based on a slogan ‘A Different Beat,’ a new design concept ‘Rhythm in basic’ was came up with, which then was reflected on Brand Collection design and provides good and fun experience to users.

K Pattern

K Pattern is the original identity of Kia brand collection. It provides experience exclusively from Kia with the "K" emphasized with rhythmical sense in standardized color and pattern.

K Pattern

Kia's Lifestyle Products

Experience a variety of products with unique patterns and designs of Kia Brand Collection

ranging from car-related products, travel/leisure, daily/office, and fashion/accessories items

Diecast Car

Check out miniature cars in various sizes of Kia’s representative models

※ die-cast car : the model cars produced by reducing the actual vehicle

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