S.L.O.W. Campaign

Making the world's best school zone

Making the world's best school zone

Enzy and Friends help children be more aware of traffic safety and gain first-hand experience with traffic rules.

엔지와 친구들 캐릭터

엔지와 친구들 캐릭터

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Chick: Peep, peep...peeeep..
(The car makes an emergency stop) Squeak
Gorilla: Watch out! Ha.. hi, folks.
Chick: Hi, peep..
Gorilla: The school zone rules apply within 300m around a school. You must slow down to under 30km per hour.
Join us to make school zones safer. SLOW campaign
Brought to you by Korea Safety and Health Association and Kia Motors.

The SLOW campaign helps make school zones safer
School Zone
30m. Start slowing down now. No stopping or parking
Brought to you by Korea Safety and Health Association and Kia Motors.

Traffic Safety Commercial

No car is allowed to run faster than 30 kilometers per hour in a school zone. There is no unauthorized stopping or parking allowed, either. Nothing can be placed in the zone that can endanger children. All cars must stop at a crosswalk. All these regulations ensure that our children can go to school safely.

Campaign Programs

  • 교실에서 안전교육을 받는 학생들

    Traffic Safety Roadshow

    Safety instructors visit children related institutions and offer classes to raise students’ awareness of traffic safety issues.

  • 안전사고에 대해 실습중인 학생들

    Traffic Safety Day with Enzy

    With the aims of nurturing proactive traffic safety skills, Kia offers hands-on traffic safety education by installing education zones in schools. The education lasts a week per school, and during the period, Kia also offers school zone crossing guards to ensure school zone safety.

  • 엔지와 친구들의 인형극 공연모습

    Traffic Safety Puppet Show

    Puppet show is used to help children better understand the importance of traffic safety.

  • 활짝웃는 엔지와 친구들

    Traffic Safety Kit for Children

    Kia offers children traffic safety education kit to educational institutions. The kit has both the educational items and the teacher’s manual, so that more children can have access to safety education.