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Kia Fragrance

Kia Fragrance has been developed by the world-renowned perfumer Antoine Lie as young, innovative and energetic fragrance thoroughly conveys Kia values.

Vibrant, Reliable, Distinctive 3가지 가치가 조화롭게 어우러진 향을 뜻하는 인포그래픽

“It is a scent that uniquely interprets the feeling of sophisticated and elegant leather. It starts with vibrant fragrance of ginger and cardamom, and carries rhythm of warm wood to add delicacy and extravagance to the distinctive scent. Alluring scent of amber and musk will fill the start of the day with a different beat.”
- Antoine Lie -

Kia Fragrance Products

  • Kia Eau de Toilette

    Liquid spray type
    Fragrance lasts 3 to 4 hours
    Capacity: 50ml

  • Kia Car Scent

    Snap fit to the air vent
    Fragrance lasts 30 days
    Size: 60mm*25mm*10mm

  • Kia Room Scent

    Automatic spray type
    Spray interval can be set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes
    Appropriate for 10 to 16㎡ rooms

Perfumer Antoine Lie

About Antoine Lie

Antoine Lie is well-known for his free and direct perfuming of novel scents, and has attained international reputation by garnering three FiFi Awards,
which is known as the Oscar of the perfume industry.

Main Accomplishments

Tom Ford – Violet Blonde
Giorgio Armani – Armani Code
Burberry – Brit Gold
Paul Smith – London for Men

  • 조향사 Antoine Lie


'Kia Eau de toilette' won global design awards of the year.

Kia's Signature Fragrance ‘Kia Eau de toilette’

2014 Global Design Awards

  • Winner - Communication Design

  • Silver – Body Beauty Category